Friday, May 19, 2017

Why Orthodontic Work Should be done before Implants

Garrison Family Dental provides Smithville residents with prosthetics and orthodontics, but patients may be unsure of which order in which to receive treatment. The six-month adult braces used at our office are for the less severe cases of malocclusion, but patients should still usually complete orthodontic work before they have implants placed.

Six-month braces are commonly used to treat overcrowding. If the tooth being replaced is one in the front, there may not even be room for an implant. Unlike natural teeth, an implant should also never move regardless of what kind of orthodontic device is used on it. This is because its titanium base is supposed to fuse with the jawbone. Therefore, it is preferable for the arch of the teeth to already be in the shape an implant is supposed to fit into, because if the other teeth need to be moved away from an implant, the implant cannot be shifted along with them.

Implants can still provide a useful anchor during the orthodontic process. If a patient already has an implant, they may still be able to undergo orthodontic treatment, depending on which teeth need to be moved. Six-month braces are mainly meant for cosmetic corrections, so they may not change the arch of a patient’s teeth enough for an implant’s immobility to be an issue.

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