Friday, May 19, 2017

Leave Orthodontics to the Professionals

Nearly one year ago the American Association of Orthodontists issued a public service announcement warning people not to attempt orthodontics on themselves. The warning was issued in response to the popularity of a Buzzfeed article written by someone who 3D-printed his own aligners so he could change them out at his own pace. Earlier this year, the AAO released a study which found that 13% of its members had treated at least one patient who had experimented with orthodontics on themselves, which is why we at Garrison Family Dentistry want to educate our patients about why not to do this.

Teeth are living tissue and contain blood vessels. Tying them together may choke them. Additionally, people who attempt to make their own corrective wires often do not give themselves brackets (nor should they), allowing their improvised ties to slide into their gum pockets and get trapped. They also often use materials such as hair bands which will rot or release toxins into their mouths.

As for self-made aligners, there is a process to moving teeth which cannot be rushed. Teeth are bones, and moving them requires the jaw bone around them to dissolve and rebuild. If they are moved too quickly, the jaw bone will not be able to repair itself, and the teeth will become loose. We urge people not to harm themselves by taking matters into their own hands and to come to us for orthodontic help.

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