Thursday, January 30, 2014


Treating dental cavities at their earliest stage is beneficial in order to preserve as much of the tooth structure as possible. The sooner cavities can be treated, the less likely there is for progression of tooth decay and complications. That’s why at Garrison Family Dentistry we offer our patients the Diagnodent.
The Diagnodent is a laser, which helps our dentists and hygienists identify cavities and decay, which are below the surface of the tooth. This advanced laser technology can diagnose hidden cavities, which may not be found through a visual exam or with x-rays.
Using advanced technology, such as the Diagnodent, provides us with a great diagnostic tool, which has a very high accuracy rate. The device measures fluorescence within the tooth. Normally, healthy teeth will not exhibit any fluorescence, and the scale rating on the device will be low. When decay is present, fluorescence is detected, which results in an elevated scale reading on the device.
At Garrison Family Dentistry, we strive to provide you with the best possible dental care utilizing the most advanced technology. We believe in providing personal attention in a state of the art facility for your entire family.
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crown Lengthening

If you need a restorative procedure, such as a crown, you may need a crown lengthening performed first. At Garrison Family Dentistry, our dentists have extensive experience doing restorative procedures, such as crown lengthening.
Crown lengthening is a procedure, which involves removing some of the bone, gum tissue or both. In some instances, if you need to have a crown placed, not enough of the tooth structure may be exposed. By removing gum tissue or bone, more of the tooth is above the gum, which helps support the crown.
In addition to being performed to aid in the placement of a crown, the procedure may also be done for cosmetic reasons. In some cases, the teeth may appear short, which results in a “gummy” smile. In reality, the teeth may be normal length, but the excess gum tissue covers the teeth, which makes them look shorter. Crown lengthening can be performed in order to reveal more of the natural tooth and improve the smile.
The procedure is done comfortably using anesthesia. Small incisions are made in order for the gum tissue to be pulled away from the tooth. The gums are reshaped to create a more natural appearance.
For more information on crown lengthening or in order to make an appointment, please call Garrison Family Dentistry at 816-532-8706.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Intraoral Camera

At Garrison Family Dentistry, we use the most advanced technology to help as make an accurate diagnosis. That’s why we offer patients the intraoral camera. Not all dental problems can be detected through a visual exam alone. The intraoral camera is a small device, which is used in order to view areas of the mouth, which may not be visible through an exam or x-ray.
Since the camera is small, it is comfortable for patients. The intraoral camera is placed inside the patient’s mouth and can zoom in on areas of concern. Problems areas, such as cavities or decay, can be magnified, which allows dental issues to be identified sooner than through an exam.
The intraoral camera technology also allows us to transmit the images onto a monitor for you to view. This gives you the opportunity to see for yourself dental problems. Because you will see the dental issues firsthand, you will be able to take an active role in your treatment plan with a thorough understanding of the problem.
In addition to the intraoral camera, we also offer advanced technology, such as digital x-rays and sedation dentistry. Our dentists and staff are experienced in various areas of dental care including cosmetic, restorative and periodontics.
For more information on the intraoral camera or any of our services, please call Garrison Family Dentistry at 816-532-8706.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Discolored, chipped and cracked teeth, can make you feel self-conscious when you smile. At Garrison Family Dentistry, we have years of experience improving smiles with procedures, such as bonding.

The process of bonding involves using a composite resin, which is applied to the tooth or teeth. The first step in the process includes making the surface of the tooth a little rougher. Next, a liquid is applied to the tooth, which allows the resin to adhere to the surface of the tooth. The resin is applied and molded into the proper shape. The resin is hardened with the help of a laser applied to the tooth. The last step involves polishing the tooth in order to create a natural appearance.

Bonding is a great option to improve the appearance of your teeth for several reasons. It is one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures. It can also often be completed in one visit. Often more than one tooth can be bonded at the same dental visit. Another advantage of bonding is the procedure often does not require any anesthesia.

We combine the most advanced technology with old fashioned values. We believe our patients are our greatest asset. Our dentists and staff, pride themselves with providing exceptional dental care for your entire family. For more information on bonding or any other cosmetic service, please call Garrison Family Dentistry at 816-532-8706.