Friday, May 19, 2017

Types of Dentures

For those who are missing some, most, or all of their teeth, dentures are a convenient and attractive option for replacement. Here at Garrison Family Dentistry in Smithville, MO, we are able to provide dentures that give you a smile that suits you perfectly.

Dentures are a new set of teeth that are able to be taken out. Whether all of the teeth are missing or just some of them, we have options for you. We offer full and partial dentures. We can also place them conventionally or immediately.

When teeth go missing, the jawline begins to deteriorate. This can make facial muscles sag and make a person appear older than they are. Dentures ensure an attractive smile, good facial structure, and the ability to chew through food.

Partial dentures are used when there are a few teeth left that can serve as a base for the dentures or when there are just a few teeth missing. Full dentures replace all of your teeth and are able to be applied conventionally or immediately for our patients’ convenience. The benefit to immediate dentures is that there will be no time spent without teeth (if extractions are necessary), however, in the future, they will need to be re-fit. When gums heal from extractions, they tend to shrink and change shape. Conventional dentures will be fit after the gums are healed.

If you are sporting a toothless grin, find out more about how dentures can help you! To schedule an appointment at Garrison Family Dentistry in Smithville, MO, call our office at (816) 532-8778 or visit our website,

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