Friday, May 19, 2017

How to Care for Dentures

The dentures we provide at Garrison Family Dentistry have allowed many of our patients to regain their bite, speech, and beautiful smiles. But dentures need to be cared for properly if they’re going to last and do any good. There are some differences between how to care for them and normal teeth that patients should be aware of.

Natural teeth produce their own film which protects them from being scratched by small minerals, such as those found in toothpaste. But dentures do not have this protection and must be cleaned with toothpaste which is specially made for them. Patients should also be sure to brush the entire denture, not just the bits which look like teeth. They should also continue to brush their gums and tongue.

Implant supported dentures are usually removed at night, and like other dentures, they should be kept moist whenever they are not in the mouth. Room-temperature water is usually a fine for dentures without exposed metal, although there are cleaning solutions available. Dentures should not, however, be kept in water hot enough to warp them. Whenever a denture stops fitting properly, patients should have it adjusted by a professional and not attempt to bend it themselves.

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