Thursday, August 28, 2014

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dentures provide a cost-effective way to replace many missing teeth, but they aren’t the most popular or comfortable option due to slipping and shifting. However, at Garrison Family Dentistry, we provide implant-retained dentures, which our patients can use to replace multiple teeth without the cost of many dental implants or the discomfort of traditional dentures.

Because dental implants hold the dentures in place, they do not require adhesives, pastes, sticky gum or powders. In addition, they allow patients to chew much easier than conventional dentures so that eating is enjoyable again! Overall, implant-retained dentures are secure and comfortable, and they save you from any embarrassing moments that loose dentures can cause. Implant-retained dentures are also desirable because they can help preserve the remaining bone in your jaw because dental implants serve as tooth root replacements in the jaw’s structure.

With lower dentures, you may only need two conventional dental implants to hold your dentures in place. Four mini dental implants are also an option. Mini implants require minimal surgery, and in many cases dentures can be attached immediately after surgery.

If you would like to see if implant-retained dentures are the right option for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Matthew Garrison at our office in Smithville, MO. Just call (816) 532-8778. For more information, visit

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Periodontal Health

Caring for your teeth is an essential part of maintaining good oral health, but your gums also play an important role in your health, and proper care is crucial. Gum disease can be a serious detriment to your oral health and overall wellness, and at our office, Dr. Matthew Garrison provides the type of regular periodontal care and checkups you need to maintain peak health and prevent gum disease.

With periodontal disease responsible for 75 percent of all adult tooth loss cases in the United States, it is critical to check for and treat periodontal issues when they first arise. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that starts when a build-up of plaque on your teeth hardens surrounding gums. In its early stages, this gum disease is gingivitis, but if it is left untreated, it becomes periodontis. Periodontis can destroy your gum tissue and lead to tooth loss. Periodontis can even result in a loss of bone mass in your jawbone, and heart disease, diabetes and stroke have also been linked to poor periodontal health.

The state of your gums affects the health of your entire body, so come to Garrison Family Dentistry in Smithville, MO to receive periodontal cleanings and treatment. It is easier to prevent gum disease or treat it early on than to reverse the effects of periodontis. Call (816) 532-8778 to schedule an appointment. For more information, visit

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sedation Dentistry

If just the thought of going to the dentist for a procedure brings on fear and anxiety, sedation dentistry is probably the right choice for you. Between 5 and 8 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to dental phobia, but you don’t need to let your oral health suffer because of fear. At our office in Smithville, MO, we offer a safe environment where we can comfort anxious patients through both oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

Sedation is mainly used when a patient has a high level of anxiety or dental phobia, not because of pain. At Garrison Family Dentistry, we can sedate our patients through oral sedation or nitrous oxide. These methods will make sure you can tend to your oral health while avoiding the anxiety that accompanies visiting the dentist.

A common sedation method utilized in the dental industry is nitrous oxide (N20). Nitrous oxide works very rapidly, reaching the brain within 20 seconds. With this method, Dr. Matthew Garrison will place a small mask over your nose and ask you to breathe normally. Within a few short minutes, you will begin to feel the effects. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly, and there is no “hangover” effect.
The other method utilized by our office is known as oral conscious sedation. It is as simple as taking an aspirin. It is utilized for patients with mild to moderate anxiety as it is not as powerful as other sedation methods. With oral sedation, your dentist will provide you with an oral sedative, such as valium. You will not be “knocked out,” but you will feel more relaxed.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teeth Whitening

Even with diligent brushing, flossing and cleaning, keeping your teeth white is harder than you might think. Despite proper oral care, constant exposure to food and drinks can cause your teeth to become dull and darken over time. Teeth whitening can help restore the color and gleam to your teeth, and at our office in Smithville, MO, we provide teeth whitening services that can restore your smile to a bright white state.

Teeth whitening services are becoming more and more popular, and as the demand for whiter teeth increases, patients are realizing that over-the-counter techniques just aren’t as effective as options offered by their dentist. At our office, whitening procedures are becoming one of the most requested services, and Dr. Matthew Harrison offers an effective way for his patients to meet their goals. The method that we use to whiten patients’ teeth is the take-home tray system. Using gentle, whitening gel applied in trays that are custom made to fit their teeth, patients can whiten their smile four to eight shades in only a couple sessions.

Whitening your teeth is an easy and dramatic way to improve the look of your smile. If you are looking to make your pearly whites white again, schedule an appointment with Garrison Family Dentistry by calling (816) 532-8778. For more information, visit