Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Preventative Dentistry

We’ve all heard the expression, “prevention is the best medicine” when it comes to your overall health, but the same can be said when it comes to your oral health. Preventative dentistry is the most sensible, efficient and cost effective means of avoiding serious and expensive periodontal health problems.  Here at Garrison Family Dentistry, we’d much rather see you for preventative dental care-- including regular exams, cleanings and health screenings-- than we would for a complex and invasive procedure to correct a problem that could have been avoided.
While routine dental care is an essential part of preventative dentistry, your at-home oral care practices play a major role in prevention of gum disease, infection and other issues. At our practice, we work with you to help you take the right steps towards excellent oral health and proper preventative dental care.
For more information on the preventative dentistry services we provide here at Garrison Family Dentistry, please view our to contact us directly.

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