Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bone Grafting

If you need restoration procedures, such as implants, you may first require bone grafting. In some situations, your jawbone may be too soft or not thick enough to support a dental implant. Bone loss in the jaw typically is caused by periodontal disease. That’s where bone grafting can help.
Dr. Matthew Garrison and his team at Garrison Family Dentistry have experience performing various types of oral surgery including bone grafts. The procedure involves removing small amounts of bone from another area of the body, such as the hip. Bone fragments can also be retrieved from an area of the mouth, which was drilled. In some cases, cadaver bone can be used.
After the bone is retrieved, it is placed on top of your existing bone in a procedure called grafting. The procedure builds up the bone in the jaw area and increases the chances of success when placing an implant or other type of restoration.
In addition to bone grafting, Garrison Family Dentistry also offers other types of oral surgery including extractions. We also offer cosmetic and preventative dentistry. If you are looking for outstanding customer service with an exemplary reputation, consider Garrison Family Dentistry.
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