Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography is one of the most technologically advanced products available to the medical field today. While traditional systems are effective, there are many features of digital X-ray machines that help create a better overall image of your mouth. Not many dentists have taken advantage of this technology and are still utilizing traditional radiography technology.  We have recently implemented this technology into Garrison Family Dentistry, located in order to provide a better level of care to our patients.
Traditional X-ray systems are being surpassed by digital radiography technology. While this old technology was very effective for a number of years, it is slowly becoming nonexistent in the medical field. Digital X-Ray technology has many benefits:
  • Safety – this technology is much safer for patients because they emit roughly 80 percent less radiation than traditional systems
  • “Going Green” – instant imaging removes the need for harmful chemicals that are used to develop images
  • High Quality – the images Dr. Garrison receives from this technology are much higher quality, allowing him diagnose previously unseen issues
While the radiation given off from the older systems is not necessarily dangerous, it is always risky to expose someone to radiation. Digital radiography has become a great resource for patients who want an effective X-ray without the negative effects that could come from radiation exposure.
Since Dr. Matthew Garrison doesn’t have to take time to develop images, your procedure time is considerably shorter. In addition, thanks to the improved, higher quality images provided by digital X-rays, Dr. Garrison is able to diagnose patients more effectively. Early detection is the best way for you to avoid potentially invasive, costly dental procedures that wouldn’t have been necessary if the symptoms were found earlier.

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