Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Planmeca CT 3D Dental Imaging

Advanced technology is paving the way toward more effective dental procedures, including the use of the Planmeca CT 3D dental imaging software. Here at Garrison Family Dentistry, we use this technology to add to digital x-rays and provide better treatment planning and higher definition x-rays for our patients.
The Planmeca CT dental imaging machine is a multi-purpose machine that utilizes computer technology like computer aided design (CAD). With the imaging machine, we can get three-dimensional images to look more closely at the patient’s teeth and provide he or she with a more accurate diagnosis.
The Planmeca CT 3D dental imaging machine is used for everything from diagnosis to treatment planning for restorations, including dental implants, crowns, and bridges. We connect it to a medical-grade computer with CAD programming to be able to manipulate and view the images. It does not take the place of our digital x-rays, but is used alongside them for many of its benefits. With digital models of restorations, we can provide the highest quality restoration for our patients.
Visit Dr. Matthew Garrison in Smithville, MO to learn more about how the Planmeca CT 3D dental imaging technology can benefit you.

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