Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Break Your Bad Oral Habits

If you open packages with your teeth, bite your nails or suck your thumb when you’re anxious, you are likely wrecking your teeth without even knowing it. Habits such as these can damage your teeth over time, and increase your chances of cracking, chipping or fracturing a tooth. Our doctors at Garrison Family Dentistry want you to keep your permanent teeth for a lifetime, so if you practice any of these detrimental habits, it’s time to break them, immediately.

If you’re a nail-biter, this nervous habit can impact your jaw just as much as it impacts your teeth. This is because placing your jaw in a protruded position for a long period of time can put unnecessary pressure on it. Using your teeth as a tool can easily crack teeth because all it takes is one wrong move for the enamel to break. Teeth clenching and grinding will also cause jaw pain, an improper bite, and may cause crooked teeth. If bruxism is detected, our doctors may suggest a mouth guard to protect the teeth.

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