Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oral Care When Your Hands Are Difficult To Use

When dealing with arthritis or another condition that limits use of the hands, dental care can actually become difficult. At Garrison Family Dentistry in Smithville, MO, we want all of our patients to know how to get good at-home oral care. Take some tips for brushing and flossing with hand difficulty!

Your first tip for brushing with arthritis or other hand conditions is to find the right toothbrush. Make sure you pick one that has a non-slip grip and a thick handle. This makes holding onto it and maneuvering around your mouth much easier. In addition, look for a toothbrush with a small head. This also helps you with reaching all of the areas of your mouth. Electric toothbrushes may be a good idea because they do most of the work; they just need to be held in the right places. There are also toothbrushes specially made for patients with arthritis.

When it comes to flossing, to get more control, tie your floss into a loop. You can use your hands to pull it taught easier. Floss picks may also help.

If you are having difficulty keeping good oral hygiene, you may need to ask for help or inquire about a mouthwash. You will also want to get more frequent professional cleanings.

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