Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kids and Dental Fear

It is no surprise that sometimes kids do not like dental appointments. They can be scared of the tools, the unfamiliar procedures, or the sounds. In our Smithville, MO dental practice, Garrison Family Dental, we want all of our patients to be happy and comfortable. Parents and guardians should take some of these tips for easing your kids into a more relaxed dental visit.

Kids respond well when they see that their parent is okay doing the same things. Therefore, take them to your dental visit and explain what is going to happen. Once they see that you’ve gone through the whole appointment and you’re okay, they will feel safer and more relaxed.

You can also introduce them to dental visits at home. Making them more familiar with how an appointment will go may put them at ease. Try having them recline in a chair or on a sofa. Have them open their mouth and count their teeth. It may actually be fun!

Rewards also go a long way with children. Offer them their favorite dinner, a fun activity or game, or maybe a cool new toothbrush for good behavior at the appointment. Be careful, though, as you should not offer the reward before the appointment. This may put a thought in their head that there is something to be afraid of, which is not true.

At Garrison Family Dentistry, we want patients of all ages to feel comfortable. To schedule your appointment in our Smithville, MO dental office, call us at (816) 532-8778 or visit our website,

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