Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Options for Tooth Replacement

For missing or extracted teeth, there are several options to choose for replacement. Since everyone is different, Garrison Family Dentistry of Smithville, MO offers dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures to their patients looking to replace teeth.

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement that can be made to look just like your tooth. When completed, it will fit in with the rest of your teeth, to complete your smile again. Implants are applied with a surgical process to create a bond that is just like a natural tooth. The implant is inserted into the bone socket to bond with the jawbone.

Dental bridges are available to our patients, as well. Bridges are completed by using the teeth adjacent to the open space. The teeth are reshaped to fit crowns, which the replacement tooth is attached to. Bridges are a popular option for replacement and are long-lasting. With good care, a bridge can last over fifteen years.

Full and partial dentures are available here at Garrison Family Dentistry for those who would like a removable option. Full dentures can be installed conventionally or immediately. There is no time spent without teeth with the immediate process, however, the dentures will need to be re-fit when the gums fully heal. Partial dentures are similar to dental bridges, however, they are removable.

Schedule a consultation in our Smithville, MO dental office to find out what type of replacement is best for you. Call us at (816) 532-8778 or visit the Garrison Family Dentistry website, www.garrisondentistry.com

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