Wednesday, May 13, 2015


If you’re missing multiple teeth and want looking to replace them for a complete smile, dentures are a popular option for many patients in Smithville, MO. There are three different types of dentures available, and patients can choose between partial dentures or one of the two types of full dentures. Whichever you choose, you can rely on the experience and expertise of the Dr. Matthew Garrison of Garrison Family Dentistry to provide you with a solution that works for you. 

Conventional full dentures are one type of full dentures that are used after all of a patient’s teeth are removed, but only once the gum tissue has healed for a few months. During that healing time, the patient has no teeth in place. If you don’t like the idea of having no teeth for several months, you can receive immediate full dentures. For this type, Dr. Garrison takes measurements of the patient’s mouth prior to removing the teeth. Then when the teeth are removed at the next appointment, the dentures are immediately placed in the patient’s mouth. With this method, a follow-up visit is required so that the dentures can be refitted and tightened since the jawbone changes shape slightly as it heals with no teeth.

Partial dentures are commonly used when not all of a patient’s teeth need to be removed. They are similar to bridges, except that bridges are permanent and partial dentures are removable. Whichever type of dentures you get, they do take time getting used to since the flesh-colored base is placed over your gums, which can feel bulky or make your mouth feel crowded. However, as you train yourself, eating and talking will begin to feel more natural.

Whether you’ve already lost a significant amount of teeth or are in need of extractions, dentures are a popular option, and Dr. Matthew Garrison of Garrison Family Dentistry can help patients find which choice is best for them in Smithville, MO. To schedule an appointment, call (816) 532-8778. For more information about our practice and the other services we offer, visit

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