Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NTI Night Guards

Here at Garrison Family Dentistry, we want our patients to have good oral health, and that starts with preventative care. One type of preventative care is through the use of night guards. Night guards are worn by patients who have a problem with grinding or clenching their teeth at night. While it may not seem like a serious problem, teeth grinding can lead to reduced tooth enamel, which weakens teeth. Teeth grinding may also cause severe headaches, jaw pain, and an irritation of the gums. Night guards help prevent these from occurring.

The benefits of night guards include the following:

  • Protecting the patient’s teeth so they don’t weaken or crack from being worn down

  • Saving patients money on future dental procedures

  • Getting relief from headaches and jaw pain

  • Eliminating partner disturbance while sleeping and grinding teeth

NTI Night Guards are made custom to the patient, so they fit comfortable and do not interrupt their sleep. Dr. Matthew Garrison or Dr. Anna Jones will start by making impressions of your teeth, those molds will be turned into our NTI Night Guards in less than 45 minutes. We tell our patients to wear their night guards every night while sleeping. Night guards last about 10 years with proper care. 

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