Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bonding and White Filling

When accidental damage affects your smile, you want to opt for the most cosmetically appealing dental solution.  Whether you are looking to correct a chipped tooth or you need to fill a cavity, we offer cosmetically appealing restorative services at Garrison Family Dentistry.  Bonding and white fillings have helped many of our patients restore the health and beauty of their smiles.
Bonding is used to restore structural damage like chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth.  It can even correct gaps created by teeth that are too narrow or short.  This affordable, beautiful solution fixes damaged teeth for a realistic look.
White fillings have replaced traditional metal amalgam fillings at our practice. Unlike dark, metal fillings, white fillings blend in with your natural tooth color.  You can improve your oral health and correct tooth decay without affecting the aesthetic appearance of your smile.
If you are ready to fix your damaged tooth and restore the beauty of your smile, contact our practice and learn about how our bonding and white filling services can help.

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