Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sedation Dentistry

If just the thought of going to the dentist for a procedure brings on fear and anxiety, sedation dentistry is probably the right choice for you. Between 5 and 8 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to dental phobia, but you don’t need to let your oral health suffer because of fear. At our office in Smithville, MO, we offer a safe environment where we can comfort anxious patients through both oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

Sedation is mainly used when a patient has a high level of anxiety or dental phobia, not because of pain. At Garrison Family Dentistry, we can sedate our patients through oral sedation or nitrous oxide. These methods will make sure you can tend to your oral health while avoiding the anxiety that accompanies visiting the dentist.

A common sedation method utilized in the dental industry is nitrous oxide (N20). Nitrous oxide works very rapidly, reaching the brain within 20 seconds. With this method, Dr. Matthew Garrison will place a small mask over your nose and ask you to breathe normally. Within a few short minutes, you will begin to feel the effects. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly, and there is no “hangover” effect.
The other method utilized by our office is known as oral conscious sedation. It is as simple as taking an aspirin. It is utilized for patients with mild to moderate anxiety as it is not as powerful as other sedation methods. With oral sedation, your dentist will provide you with an oral sedative, such as valium. You will not be “knocked out,” but you will feel more relaxed.

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