Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a great solution if you are looking to literally “bridge the gap” created by one or more missing teeth. We use dental bridges to restore smiles, improve talking and chewing abilities and help maintain the shape of your face. We utilize dental bridges to get your smiles back to its natural look.
Creating a bridge is quite simple. Dr. Garrison will create a base out of the existing teeth where the bridge will be attached. The existing teeth are reshaped to support the base of the bridge. After the abutments are created, a mold is cast of the area and sent to a dental lab. The lab uses the mold to manufacture a permanent bridge. Dr. Garrison will fit you with a temporary bridge in order to keep your teeth from shifting. The permanent bridge usually takes between 1-2 weeks to be created. During the second visit, Dr. Garrison will remove thetemporary bridge and the new permanent bridge will be checked and adjusted. The bridge will be placed on the abutments and an adhesive will be used to make sure the bridge is set.
Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge will make eating easier. We recommend that our patients eat soft foods immediately following the procedure, but after a couple days patients can resume their normal diet. You will also see improved speech with dental bridges. The gaps caused by missing teeth often make speech difficult, by filling in those spaces, patients will drastically improve speech.
If you are missing teeth and considering dental bridges, give us a call at 816-532-8706 or visit us at to learn more about this unique restorative treatment method!

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