Thursday, February 20, 2014

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Here at Garrison Family Dentistry in Smithville, MO, we keep our patients’ needs in mind when deciding what treatments and dental services we provide. This includes full mouth rehabilitation, as many of our patients have not one, but multiple problems with their dental health and smiles.
With full mouth reconstruction, patients choose from a variety of procedures performed in succession — ranging from dentures or implants to crowns and inlays — to give them a brand new smile.
Some of the common procedures our patients choose for their full mouth reconstruction include:
1. Dental fillings
2. Inlays and onlays
3. Dental bridges
4. Dental crowns
5. Dental implants
6. Dentures and partials
7. Root canals
8. Treatment for gum disease
9. Treatment for TMJ disorders
There are many reasons someone might choose a full mouth reconstruction. Examples include having had a trauma that caused loss or damage to several teeth, having severe decay or gum disease, or experiencing loss of tooth structure from extensive clenching and grinding of the teeth.
After consultation with our dentist Dr. Matthew Garrison, patients choose what procedures to receive for full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction. Call Dr. Matthew Garrison at 816-532-8706 to learn more about your full mouth rehabilitation options.

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