Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Digital X-Rays

Here at Garrison Family Dentistry, we’re committed to running a modern dental practice that is just as advanced as it is personable and friendly. We maintain a variety of dental technology that helps us provide you with better care. One example is our use of digital x-rays.

Digital x-rays offer a number of advantages over conventional dental film x-rays.  They process is a considerable safer as they emit 80% less radiation than film radiography methods.  The results are also more efficient, convenient and comprehensive.  The digital capture and display capabilities make it easy for us to zoom in an area of concern, plan procedures with greater precision, give you a better understanding of your current oral health, and easily share the results for insurance claim and patient record keeping purposes.

If you’re due for an exam or you’re ready to undergo a dental procedure at our practice, call us and ask how digital x-rays and our other capabilities can contribute to an optimal dental care experience.

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